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Atom 4000


Atom 4000 has been specifically designed for larger operators: large tank capacity, powerful high-efficiency air blast system,

Powerful transmission, superior driving comfort,

 Reliability and robustness to ensure thousands of hours of work, day after day, season after season.


Atom 4000 dramatically reduces treatment times thanks to the great working autonomy,

 Exceptional manageability and to the power of the air blast system.


Atom 4000 ensures maximum driving comfort in all condition: independent hydraulic variable chassis suspension,

 Independent air suspension on the cab and large pneumatic seat.


Atom 4000, thanks to its transmission offers active suspension, allowing it to work on very uneven and irregular terrain.


Atom 4000 has a spacious, high visibility, pressurised cab protected by specific filters for powders, vapour and aerosols.

  Automatic air conditioning is standard.



FPT, diesel, 4-cylinder, turbo intercooler.

Maximum power 93kW.126hp



Fully laser-cut frame, high-strength steel AHSS (Advanced High Strength Steel).

Hot galvanized, passivated, fully shielded at the bottom.

Cataphoresis treatments and powder coating on the bumpers.

ROPS protective structure in steel.



Frame – Independent hydraulic suspension with control of the machine set-up.

  It is possible to change the trim, raise or lower the machine directly from the cab.

Cab – Independent air suspension with air springs and viscous dampers.



Completely in stainless steel, cataphoresis treatment with powder coating.

Large volume, excellent visibility.

Raised driving position for maximum comfort.

Integrated periscope with rear-view mirror.

Pressurised cabin, protected with specific filters for powders, vapours, aerosols. 

Cab protection level: Class 2 – Class 4 (according to EN15695-1:2009).

Powerful air conditioning and heating system with automatic air conditioning.

Centralized commands.

Adjustable steering wheel.

Fully digital LCD electronic display of tank level and working pressure.

Control joystick with junction section opening and closing switches.

Large pneumatic seat with automatic weight adjustment.

Adjustable passenger seat.

Radio, CD, MP3, Bluetooth system.



Latest generation VAC system completely in stainless steel.

Clean front suction which prevents the recirculation of product and suction of leaves.

Double air outlet which allows you to take advantage of 100% of the flow generated by the fan.

Large air flow uniformly distributed on the vegetation at all heights.

Excellent penetration to all the vegetation.

Perfect distribution symmetry.

Great drift resistance.

High efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.



Total capacity is 3550 litres.

Stratified fiberglass with internal anti-acid treatment.


Phytosanitary Plant:

Diaphragm pump with brass head and manifold 220 LPM, 50 bar.

2, 4 or more sections of jets fed independently.

Double or triple anti-drip jets.

Jets with taper adjustment and for fertigation.

Electric pressure regulator.

Possible applications with low, medium and high doses (from 100 to 3000 LPH).

Triple flow agitator, double flow agitator; total flow >

 1000 LPM perfect and continuous stirring with any density of product.

Pre-mixer of stainless steel products.

Stainless steel containers washing system.

Stainless steel tank washing system.

Plant health circuit washing system and hand washing tank.




4 drive wheels and steering wheels.

Hydraulic steering system selectable in three modes: 2 steering wheels, 4 steering wheels and Crab mode.

Heavy duty hydrostatic continuous transmission.

Variable displacement hydraulic motor with automatic displacement control.

4 speed ranges: 0-6 KPH, 0-10 KPH, 0-20 KPH, 0-35 KPH.

Heavy duty differential bridges with planetary gearboxes, limited slip integrated system.

Fan drive and phytosanitary pump drive with electrically operated clutches.

Hydrostatic braking, emergency brakes, parking brake.

160 litre diesel tank in stainless steel.

Hydraulic oil tank in stainless steel.



Wide radial wheels 425-55-R17


Automatic Controls:

Computer for automatic control of treatment doses.

GPS satellite guidance system with computer interface.


Dimensions (Meters):

Total length                                                        5.77

Total Height (cabin)                                         2.25

Total Height (machine)                                  2.12

Width (external wheels)                                               2.16

Width (cistern)                                                  1.90

Steering radius (outside wheels)                              3.70


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