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Atom Self Propelled Orchard Sprayer


1.4m high along with exceptional ground clearance.

Cab Suspension

Kinder on the operator and the machine.

Driver Comfort

Carbon filtered air conditioning, air seat, good head and leg room for the average sized person. Along with great visibility.


Directional air - the only fan on the market that is built solely for spraying Kiwifruit on pergola.  Double spray rings allows more options and better coverage, infinitely variable fan speeds.

Two Speed Hydrostatic Transmission

Two speed hydrostatic, allows infinite number of operating speeds without compromising the PTO Speed.



Transmission; Two Speed Hydrostatic, 40kph

·        Allows infinite number of operating speeds without        

Compromising the PTO Speed.  This means the right speed every time regardless of the terrain.  

·        The benefit being an even and consistent spray coverage

Cab Suspension; Air Bag suspension,

         Gives ultimate driver comfort and is Kinder on both the operator & machine.

 Fan; Two speed. Directional Air,

·        The only Fan on the market that is built solely for spraying Kiwifruit on Pergola,

·        Double Spray Rings allows more options and better coverage, infinitely variable fan speeds.

·        Greater flexibility and better efficiency, cuts out the need for bidirectional spraying.

·        Full stainless steel construction.

·        Front drawing fan, makes for cleaner air, avoiding chemical recirculation and leaf fouling.

·        Double outlet, resulting in 100% use of the airflow generated by the fan

·        Large air volume uniformly distributed to all areas of the target

·        Total centrifugal correction resulting in perfect left and right symmetry

·        Excellent vegetation penetration with little drift

Preventative Maintenance

·        There has been no compromise in the design. The latest Atom has been designed and built with

This in mind. With easy access to Radiator, Air Filter, Spray Pump and filtration.

  TeeJet 844AB Controller         

The TeeJet 844-AB is designed exclusively for orchard and vineyard sprayers. Fully customized to this product.

The TeeJet 844 Sprayer Control offers spraying advantages not found in other controllers. Designed with simplicity in mind,

 Computer-controlled spraying has never been so easy.

 Simply set your target application rate, for the application. Once spraying begins the large display shows the application rate,

 Volume sprayed, system pressure, sprayer speed and area covered.

 The built-in planning tool on the 844 automatically displays the speed needed to achieve the target rate with the specified tips.

It will also calculate the pressure necessary for achieving the target application rate when the speed is entered.

Driver Comfort;

·        Carbon Filtered Air Conditioning, Air Seat, Good Head & Leg room.

·        Along with great visibility. Single hand transmission control with Total spray control incorporated into the same lever.

·        Heater and Stereo standard

Spray Equipment

·       Tank; 2100 Litres, Offset fillers, allows for easier access

·       Pump 220lpm Brass Headed @50bar Double Spray Rings with Triple Nozzles

·       Possible Application rates from 100 to 3000lt per hectare

·       Pre Mixer standard, along with external Back flush system

·       Triple flow agitator for continuous chemical mixing.

·       Easy to access, Inline Suction and Pressure Filters


·       Three modes; Standard, Four Wheel and Crab

·       Axles HD Epicycloid gears with Limited slip differentials.

Chassis; HD Galvanized


·       4 Cylinder, 95 Horsepower, Water cooled,

·       Turbo and Inter cooler VM Detroit Diesel

Weight; 3230kgs

Length; 5.65m

Height; 1.4m high along with Exceptional Ground Clearance.

Turning Radius; 3.5m

Wheels; 31x15.5-15

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